Electric vehicles exempted from registration fees and Road tax in Delhi.


Electric vehicles exempted from registration fees and Road tax in Delhi.


Delhi govt. is always leading the way for India in Electric vehicle adoption. EV policy 2020 of Delhi govt. discussed and appreciated worldwide. As a further step to boost EV adoption on 16th October 2020, Delhi govt. exempted  electric vehicles from registration fees. 

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The exemption of registration fees for EVs comes within five days of the exemption of Road tax for electric vehicles. Earlier, in 11th October 2020, electric vehicles were exempted from road tax.

In an official notification, The Delhi govt. said All electric vehicles in Delhi will get an exemption from the registration fee. Delhi Transport department issued a notification to waive registration fees on Electric vehicles. The registration fee prescribed in Rule 81 of Central Motor Vehicles , 1989 shall not be applicable on battery operated vehicles, notification said.

At present, registration fee for petrol vehicles in the Delhi ranges from 4% to 10%  of its price.

Delhi Transport minister Kailash Gahlot Tweeted " Congrats again, Delhi! Next in the list of breakthrough incentives promised by CM Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi govt. exempts the Registration fee on Battery operated vehicles. Delhi leads again, the EV Way".

With all these announcements we can say Delhi is surely leading the way and setting an example to entire India on how to execute EV Policies step by step.

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