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Working of fuel cell electric vehicles using hydrogen

  BY  AFZAL YOUSAF As we know, Fuel cell electric vehicles are also a part of the paradigm shift that is currently underway in the electrification of transportation. In this article, we can go through the basic working of a Hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle and its key components. A Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) is an electric vehicle that produces its own electricity through an electrochemical reaction. Using a Hydrogen Fuel Cell stack, the vehicle combines pure Hydrogen and Oxygen across a membrane to create water. Through this process, Electric current is generated. How does a Hydrogen Fuel cell electric vehicle work? Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles use electricity generated through their electrochemical reaction to power an electric motor. The size of the fuel cell and Hydrogen tank is determined by the electric motor that has to power the vehicle. FCEVs will also have a battery to assist the fuel cells. This battery will mostly be used to recapture the regen power and p