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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Electric vehicle technology

  BY  AFZAL YOUSAF In Automotive Industry, revolutionary technologies always played a major role in shaping the Industry. As automotive technology is shifting toward a sustainable future, EVs are in the pole position for the same. But Electric vehicle technology is still evolving and faces significant hurdles in its evolving phase. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological revolution that can change the entire graph of human lives and all Industries. In simple terms, we can say " Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence process by machines to perform a task with the help of an in-built algorithm and available vast amount of data". In EV Technology, Artificial Intelligence has immense potential to overcome the hurdles faced and to enhance the driving experience. Artificial Intelligence is quickly recognized by the automotive industry and with the introduction of ADAS(Advanced driver assistance systems) to autonomous driving, AI is becoming more pop