Role of Artificial Intelligence in Electric vehicle technology



In Automotive Industry, revolutionary technologies always played a major role in shaping the Industry. As automotive technology is shifting toward a sustainable future, EVs are in the pole position for the same. But Electric vehicle technology is still evolving and faces significant hurdles in its evolving phase.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological revolution that can change the entire graph of human lives and all Industries. In simple terms, we can say " Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence process by machines to perform a task with the help of an in-built algorithm and available vast amount of data".

In EV Technology, Artificial Intelligence has immense potential to overcome the hurdles faced and to enhance the driving experience. Artificial Intelligence is quickly recognized by the automotive industry and with the introduction of ADAS(Advanced driver assistance systems) to autonomous driving, AI is becoming more popular in Vehicle technology.

 In this article, we look into the role of AI in electric vehicle technology.

    • Battery Management - The battery is the most expensive component in an EV and proper management of the battery is the biggest hurdle faced. With the help of AI, batteries can be properly managed and improve their overall life cycle and efficiency. Instead of irregular charging, AI can optimize the charging process and decide when the battery needs to be charged based on the driver's behavior and driving condition. With these data, a unique charging pattern can be developed for each vehicle, which brings the best out of their battery pack and gives peak performance always.
    • Power Management - We all know, electric vehicles rely on electricity stored in batteries and proper management of this energy improves the vehicle's driving range and reliability. AI can analyze the data from the Motor controller unit, Battery management system, and other available sensors to arrive at an optimal energy usage for each vehicle to improve the overall vehicle range. Also, AI can suggest a better energy-efficient route to reach a destination considering the available data on road conditions and gradability. Also, when the vehicle is on low charge, AI can simulate the best driving behavior to reach our destination without fail.
    • Advanced safety - Safety is the major concern of every vehicle and AI will drastically revolutionize safety features in the EVs. AI-based sensors and cameras can detect potential hazards and avoid collisions. These sensors and cameras can make quick decisions based on real-time data available to ensure safety. Also, AI algorithms can detect charging stations to make sure the vehicle is not running out of charge.
    • Predictive maintenance - AI will always monitor the data from all major electronics components and sensors of the vehicle. With this study, Vehicle maintenance can be predicted by AI, which results in ensuring vehicle safety and preventing sudden breakdowns. This will also increase vehicle reliability and decrease maintenance costs by detecting potential issues before they become worse.
    • Vehicle as our companion - We all consider our vehicle as our companion and with the help of AI, this vision will come into reality. Our vehicle can speak to us and be our best companion during long drives. It can drive on its own while we can take a rest or do our work. AI-Powerd autonomous driving is not far away, which will add another dimension to human driving behavior.
As the human era enters into the phase of Artificial Intelligence, the Intersection of AI and Electric vehicle technology looks incredibly exciting.

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