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Electric Road System (ERS) - An Emerging technology towards De-Carbonization

  BY  AFZAL YOUSAF An E lectric road system (ERS) or E-road is paved with technology that can charge vehicles traveling. Under the scenario of EVs gaining popularity as a sustainable mode of transport, their uptake is limited due to a lack of charging convenience, which is one of the main challenges ahead of EV adoption. Electric road systems are a great leap toward the smooth adoption of electric vehicles. ERS are road transportation systems based on technologies that support electric power transfer from roads to vehicles in motion. This technology in recent decade emerged as the best alternative to overcome the challenge faced by automotive companies on EV Charging convenience. ERS is suitable for all kinds of vehicles starting from passenger cars to long-haul freight vehicles and is projected to grow drastically in coming years to decarbonize the sector. Advantages of ERS ERS compared to other technologies, provides more advantages to the EV sector by reducing the size of batteries