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Ford developing electrical explorer SUV. More EV Platform debut by 2025.

  BY    AFZAL YOUSAF As world is in a broad shift towards electric vehicles, Ford is in top of the race by developing two dedicated EV Platforms. One for full size pick up trucks and SUVs and other for cars and smaller SUVs. As per Green car reports , Ford confirmed on 26 may 2021 that, they will debut the platform by 2025. Ford's Upcoming EVs likely includes an Electric Ford Bronco , Electric ford explorer 3 row SUV , Electric Lincoln Aviator 3 row SUV , Electric ford Ranger compact pickup truck among others. As per reports, Ford is also working on next generation Electric version of F-150 Lighting pickup truck along with full size SUVs. EVs launching between now and 2030 will be built on two new dedicated electric vehicle platforms and every vehicle Ford makes today comes from one of five architectures. Ford expects 40 % of its vehicles sold globally by 2030 will be battery-electric, so a single EV platform is not enough to handle it all, Ford CEO Jim Farley said. Green car