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Axial vs Radial Flux Motors and Why Axial flux is a better engine for EVs

BY  AFZAL YOUSAF In an Electric vehicle, Electric motors are the true driving force apart from Battery. It is the engine of electric vehicles and reports say around 100 million motors are required per year by 2032 to meet the EV Demands. Electric traction motors are first discovered in the 1800s but the technology is still evolving with improved technology, efficiency, and less rare earth materials. The basic operation of the electric motor is based on the electromagnetic interaction created by the structure coil and magnet. Based on the direction of the magnetic field, these motors are divided into:- Radial Flux Axial Flux The fundamental difference between both lies in the orientation of the magnetic field w.r.t the electric coils. Credits:- Radial Flux Radial flux motors are classic cylindrical shaped which produce flux perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Features of radial flux motors are designed on the sides and copper windings are wrapped around the slots.  In tra

Cell Selection Guide for Lithium ion Battery pack.

  BY  AFZAL YOUSAF As the world is in a path leading to massive adaption of electric vehicles, debates are also ongoing regarding the safety and risk involved in electric vehicles, especially in India due to recent incidents of electric scooters catching fire. Proper selection of battery pack and vigorous testing of the vehicle should be done before entering into the market. As battery pack is the most vital component in EVs, building the packs needs proper selection of cells to ensure vehicle performance and safety. Cell selection depends on multiple factors and here we can go through some of the important factors to be considered during the selection of cells in EV Battery pack. Cell Chemistry - Cells are manufactured with different chemistries, like different Anode and Cathode for various applications. Cell chemistry plays a major role in effectiveness, energy density, thermal stability of the cells. Though researches are ongoing to develop new cell types and chemistries, here we c