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Roof top pantograph fast charging

BY  AFZAL YOUSAF As electric vehicle is growing popularity, many advanced solution for the hindrances faced on the adoption of EVs are coming. Rooftop fast charging using pantograph is one of the latest technology to charge the EV( mainly electric buses used as public transport)  with a charging time of 4-6 minutes. This system can be easily implemented in existing bus lines ensuring zero emission by installing fast chargers at terminals, end points, depots etc. The design of the system offers power of 150-600KW charging power, which provides any city bus to have enough energy in few minutes to travel throughout the day. Companies like ABB, SIEMENS are working on this technology, and they have already completed this and starts offering this technology in global market. Most of them are following Opp Charge protocol.                                               Here you can find more about Oppcharge. The working of the system is based on a pantograph, a proven system used c