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India's vehicle scrappage policy 2021 and how it bolster EV Sector.

  BY    AFZAL YOUSAF Union Budget 2021-22 was announced and Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget. As an EV Enthusiast, the biggest point we can take away from the finance minister's speech is the official announcement of Vehicle scrappage policy in India.  After the official announcement Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari, shed some lights on highlights of the policy. More details of the policy is expected to be revealed in coming days. In this article, you can read key points of India's vehicle scrappage policy and how it boosts EV Sector . Key points of Vehicle Scrappage policy 1 .  As per vehicle scrappage policy, private vehicles which are over 20 years older and commercial vehicles over 15 years older will have to undergo fitness tests. 2 .  On Public Private partnership (PPP), Fully automated fitness test facilities will be set up which will allow no scope for human intervention or fudging of test result. 3 .  Driving vehicl

Hyderabad based company BBM International to boost Indian EV Sector.

  Being one of the largest market in the world in every sector, adoption of electric vehicles in India is much faster than expected. It has become inevitable to change from fossil fuel driven vehicles to greener and sustainable electric motoring. Govt. is adopting EV Policies to support the change and within last 5 years, and companies based on EV and it's component gives a huge boost to electrify India fleets by manufacturing and developing in house technologies. Bharathi Business Machines International (BBMI)   is a Hyderabad based company founded on 2012 which manufactures  electric scooters and Three wheelers. The company led by  Mr. Abhinay Raju,  an MBA, M.TECH graduate, with a great vision and vast industrial experience alongside a team of experienced members focus on giving electric mobility access to millions of people on the bottom of the pyramid. And this is exactly what needed to revolutionize Indian EV Sector. BBMI , an advanced organization always a step-ahead in

How to maintain your EV Battery for longer life.

  BY    AFZAL YOUSAF Electric battery is the power source that drives EV  and like every other part battery also degrades over time and its performance drops. Apart from conventional batteries, lithium ion batteries used in EVs requires a different type of maintenance. As battery is the most vital part, EV owners can take several steps to prolong the life of battery pack. In this article we enlist some important maintenance tips that can extend the life o your EV Battery pack. Balance your battery and periodic full charge Battery technology often has memory issues and lithium ion technology are designed to minimise this drawback. Large battery packs are complex and need proper balancing to extend its performance.  Cell balancing  is the process of equalizing the voltages and state of charge among the cells when they are at a full charge. There are always slight differences in the state of charge, self-discharge rate, capacity, impedance, and temperature characteristics. Modern EV Batte

Electric vehicle maintenance cost compared to fossil fuel vehicles.

  BY    AFZAL YOUSAF One of the advantages of electric vehicle apart from greener and sustainable mode of transport is the less maintenance required. As world is in a beginning stage of a switch over from fossil fuel to electric vehicles, people are somewhat reluctant as they fear that maintenance cannot be done properly. Maintenance procedures of electric vehicles is not similar to conventional fossil fuel driven engine. Here we are trying to analyse the maintenance cost of EV compared to conventional vehicles. Fewer Moving Parts and Simple Mechanics Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and their mechanism of operation is simple. Comparing to the parts of conventional fossil fuel vehicles, which consist of hundreds of moving parts like engine, radiator, piston, fuel pump, spark plug, timing belt and so on, thus a lot can go wrong in that complex operation. Electric vehicle mechanism is simple as mechanical elements and moving parts are limited and thus EVs have around 50%  less m