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Electric Vehicles standards and regulations in India

BY  AFZAL YOUSAF  The automobile industry is ongoing a paradigm shift globally. The past decade has been of Internal combustion engines, but the shift to electric vehicles has become necessary on behalf of faster depletion of fossil fuels, increase in energy cost, and concerns over climatic change. Considering EVs as the future mode of transportation and the increase in demand, all OEMs are obliged to ensure safety and ease of use for customers. This can only be met by robust testing and certification before the vehicle's launch. To achieve all these, standardization should be done and it will be under various government agencies. CMVR is a technical standard committee, AISC is the Automotive Indian standard committee,  Standing Committee on Emission Legislation-SCOE and Bureau of Indian Standards-BIS are the various govt. agencies that regulate the standards. Various components in EVs must be tested for their role in  the application, reliability, durability, safety, and efficienc