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Factors affecting Li ion cell performance and what you should know about it's manufacturing.

  BY    AFZAL YOUSAF Electric vehicles are the sustainable mode of transportation for the future. As batteries are the source to drive electric vehicles, many companies started to research on batteries and manufacture. Battery energy storage system and cell chemistry of the batteries are under continues upgradation  and people are debating over its performance, efficiency and safety. Apart from cell chemistry, performance of the battery depends on various other factors. In this article you can read about factors affecting cell performance and things needed to know about li ion cells and its manufacturing. In Battery energy storage system, apart from battery cell, there are several other components that keeps the system function efficiently. It includes power conversion systems for charging and discharging and power control systems which controls the charging and discharging. Also cooling and other safety arrangements will be there. But here we focus mainly on battery and parameters tha

Regenerative braking technology and its effectiveness, efficiency in electric vehicles.

  Credit: Automotive iQ BY    AFZAL YOUSAF The term regenerative braking is familiar along with electric and hybrid vehicle technology. In an electric vehicle, regenerative braking is a key feature to save power and make vehicles more efficient. This energy saving technology is under continues research and upgradation by the automakers.  In this article, you can understand how regenerative braking works and its effectiveness in various vehicles. While motion, vehicles will have a lot of kinetic energy. When brakes are applied to slow down the vehicle, the kinetic energy has to go somewhere and in conventional IC Engine vehicles, this energy is wasted into heat energy. So all of that energy is lost to environment in the form of heat. Regenerative braking technology converts this kinetic energy lost into electricity and stores in battery. Electric motor acts as a generator and converts this kinetic energy losing while braking and stores in the battery with the help of an inverter. When v

Modular EV Platform by Zero Labs can turn classic cars to electric.

Credit: Zero Lab BY    AFZAL YOUSAF Zero Labs , A California based EV Workshop, launched a modular EV Platform which can turn every classic cars into EVs. Beloved classic cars can be restored and make suitable for future mode of transportation by converting them to electric. In this article you can read in detail about Classic electric platform by Zero Labs. Zero lab is describing this modular EV Platform as " Classic Electric Platform " as they aim to help people to keep every classic cars they love without affecting the future. Zero lab platform conversion will be available on wide range of vehicle formats as built to order commissions. Zero Lab's powertrain chassis can completely convert classic gasoline vehicles into Electric. Initial focus is on classic off-road vehicles but later it will be expanded to classic sports cars, muscle cars and pickups. Zero Lab design team already fabricated classic electric vehicles, including fully electric Ford bronco and Land rover

Electric vehicles have better off-road ability than IC Engine. Here is the reason.

  BY    AFZAL YOUSAF Off-road and adventurous vehicles are one of the exciting segment in world vehicle industry. As Electric vehicles going to dominate vehicle industry in future, many companies already developed stunning electric SUVs. Electric propulsion so far avoided SUV design for deep off-road, but now its coming strongly and ready to dominate the segment. New Breed of electric SUVs and pickup from companies like Tesla, Rivian, Nikola, GM, Ford and many more companies are very promising and properties of EV makes it easier and better on off-road.  Electric vehicles have better off-road ability than IC Engine vehicles. Read why EV has an upper hand in off-road ability. Main reasons are listed below. Easy Modulation of Electricity Electricity is easy to modulate and control. So this adds an advantage in EVs for easier control by ease of adjusting the torque sent to electric motor. In IC engines, need to cut the fuel supply and get the response a second later but the response from

Busting some myths related to electric vehicle technology. EV Knowledge.

  BY    AFZAL YOUSAF Future of mobility in the world is electric, the technology to enable that future is already here and its getting better by the day.  Electric vehicles are getting more acceptance all over the world and though sale of gasoline vehicles have fallen post Covid 19, electric vehicles are getting a huge boost on its acceptability. Around 10 years back electric vehicle was an alien concept to most of the people but after a decade, EV industry and technology have undergone a drastic evolution and companies introduced many promising EV models. Electric vehicles evolved from unreliable charging and low power vehicles in the past to Fast charging and high performance, hyper electric models. But still apart from the people who are observing Automotive industry and its growth keenly, rest have many misconcepts and myths related to electric vehicle. In this article, we are trying to break the myths related to Electric vehicle technology. Myth 1 :- Electric vehicles are slow and