Electric vehicles have better off-road ability than IC Engine. Here is the reason.



Off-road and adventurous vehicles are one of the exciting segment in world vehicle industry. As Electric vehicles going to dominate vehicle industry in future, many companies already developed stunning electric SUVs. Electric propulsion so far avoided SUV design for deep off-road, but now its coming strongly and ready to dominate the segment.

New Breed of electric SUVs and pickup from companies like Tesla, Rivian, Nikola, GM, Ford and many more companies are very promising and properties of EV makes it easier and better on off-road. 

Electric vehicles have better off-road ability than IC Engine vehicles. Read why EV has an upper hand in off-road ability. Main reasons are listed below.

Easy Modulation of Electricity

Electricity is easy to modulate and control. So this adds an advantage in EVs for easier control by ease of adjusting the torque sent to electric motor. In IC engines, need to cut the fuel supply and get the response a second later but the response from electricity is instantly.

Electric motor can supply maximum torque during zero revolution, thus initial pull can be given quickly in Electric off-roaders. Also power can be adjusted immediately which results in easier traction and wheels can be controlled with ease.

Low Centre of Gravity

Battery is the heaviest component in EV and in Electric off-roaders, battery is placed in the floor. Thus keeping the weight of the vehicle down low thus low centre of gravity. This gives more stability to the vehicle. Overall weight distribution of electric vehicles is more flexible than IC Engine.

So, if an electric off-roader is on an angle steep, it is easier to keep the shiny side up.

Simple Mechanism of EV

Mechanism of Electric vehicle is simple compared to complex IC Engine parts. EVs don't use traditional gearbox and IC Engine mechanism as electric motor can easily produce wide torque and speed variations. Motor can give maximum torque with zero revolutions. All these can aid EVs to perform better in off-roading.

As technology advances, new control softwares can help EVs to perform in sensitive off-road situations as Motor can be easily controlled. Also EVs have better braking control with its regeneration and advanced braking technology.

Better Control in Tight situations

In off-road 4WD vehicle, differential lock increase the performance by sending same drive to all wheels. Electric motors can give better control than differential locks. EVs can use separate motor for each wheels, so it no more need a central differential lock system and wheels can be easily controlled by software.

Rivian, a top electric truck manufactures uses four electric motor which control each wheel separately, which boosts the off-road ability of the truck. Recently launched Hummer EV has crabwalk technology, which clearly shows how electric SUVs can be controlled and perform better in off-road.

Better performance by Electric engine

While off-roading , water kills IC Engine if engine intakes water. IC Engine need air to make them work but Electric engine doesn't need. With proper insulation on motor and it doesn't come in contact with water, at least theoretically we can say motor can work under water.

But EV has its own challenge by keeping battery and electronics components out of the water. That's the area where EV have to improve.

Apart from the above reasons, Electric vehicles give us a power to relax while off-roading and camping. EVs have lot more storage space, so we can keep all our stuffs. One extra battery helps us to power camp lights and other electric stoves. Companies claims that power to light your camps and other needs can be drained from main battery source but people still have concern about the storage ability of battery while off-roading. Though concerns are still there, with future advancement in technology, EVs can perform much better than traditional off-roaders.

By using electric off-roaders, we are supporting our nature, which gives us fresh air ,refreshness and a peaceful mind while doing off-road activities, to become more greener and friendly as most off-road activities takes place in unpolluted areas, national parks, eco sensitive areas etc.

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