Modular EV Platform by Zero Labs can turn classic cars to electric.

Credit: Zero Lab


Zero Labs, A California based EV Workshop, launched a modular EV Platform which can turn every classic cars into EVs. Beloved classic cars can be restored and make suitable for future mode of transportation by converting them to electric.

In this article you can read in detail about Classic electric platform by Zero Labs.

Zero lab is describing this modular EV Platform as " Classic Electric Platform " as they aim to help people to keep every classic cars they love without affecting the future. Zero lab platform conversion will be available on wide range of vehicle formats as built to order commissions.

Zero Lab's powertrain chassis can completely convert classic gasoline vehicles into Electric. Initial focus is on classic off-road vehicles but later it will be expanded to classic sports cars, muscle cars and pickups. Zero Lab design team already fabricated classic electric vehicles, including fully electric Ford bronco and Land rover Defender.

This transformation works through four steps.

  • Remove - Disassembly and preparation for production by removal and proper disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Rebuild - Back to basics and Replace all old, broken, toxic, unsafe and outdated technology with safer and cleaner solution.
  • Recharge - Custom all electric platform upgradable battery and High voltage power systems. All power. No emission.
  • Rebirth - Finally, a clean energy vehicle for the future.
Classic cars are noisy, polluting, less safe, slow and difficult to maintain compared to modern cars. Zero lab's new platform improves the safety and performance by modern standards.

Modular platform including battery. Credit: Zero Lab

Electrical platform comes with 85 or 100 kWh battery, with single rear mounted electric motor producing 300 hp as standard. 85 kWh battery provides a range of 200 miles. The Platform can be customized with dual motor setup, which produce a maximum power of 600 hp and range of 235 miles with 100 kWh battery.

In addition, the platform is equipped with DC Fast charging, regenerative braking, all time thermal management system and cutting edge technology. This platform increases the handling of the vehicle and perfect 50-50 weight distribution.  It has four wheel independent suspension with  optional fox shocks and air ride along with an upgraded Brembo brake package.

Rather than a modernized powertrain, Zero Lab focussed on overall transformation of classic vehicle. Battery and software can be upgraded and they also offer subtle makeover in the cabin. So we will have a fully automatic and modern control systems with classic look and feel.

Price not yet disclosed by the company and production is expected to begin in 2021.

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