Hyderabad based company BBM International to boost Indian EV Sector.


Being one of the largest market in the world in every sector, adoption of electric vehicles in India is much faster than expected. It has become inevitable to change from fossil fuel driven vehicles to greener and sustainable electric motoring. Govt. is adopting EV Policies to support the change and within last 5 years, and companies based on EV and it's component gives a huge boost to electrify India fleets by manufacturing and developing in house technologies.

Bharathi Business Machines International (BBMI) is a Hyderabad based company founded on 2012 which manufactures  electric scooters and Three wheelers. The company led by Mr. Abhinay Raju, an MBA, M.TECH graduate, with a great vision and vast industrial experience alongside a team of experienced members focus on giving electric mobility access to millions of people on the bottom of the pyramid. And this is exactly what needed to revolutionize Indian EV Sector.

BBMI, an advanced organization always a step-ahead in case of technology since its inception. They paved its first step in Kiosk machines and was the first organization to set up ticket vending kiosk for APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation ) and other states. BBMI stepped up in EV sector on 2015 and started manufacturing E Rickshaw. After 2 years of R&D, they launched first e-scooter model named VIBRANT and got ICAT approval in 2019. Subsequently attained its variant in 2020, named ELECTRA.

BBMI manufacturing plant is located at Chevella, Telangana with production capability of 300 vehicles per month which will further increase in coming years. In-house battery pack production is an added advantage to their vehicles. BBMI Corporate office is located at Hyderabad.

They have enabled many micro-entrepreneurs in the country to scale up the business and BBMI totally focus on commuting happiness and satisfaction every day as electric vehicles not just benefits the company but also the community and environment. Having these in mind, BBM International created the next generation electric scooters to the Indian Road at its best with ICAT approval.

Manufacturing facility at Telangana

Product Range

BBMI manufactures electric two wheelers and three wheelers that suits all types of customers and segments all over India.

Electric two wheeler models include:-

  • Vibrant XL
  • Vibrant Li Ion
  • Electra Li Ion
  • Electra Racing

These models offers advanced technology, latest connectivity techniques includes along with 100+ KM on single charge. Lithium ion Batteries can be completely charged within 3-4 hours. Though it is not providing world class advanced features, it's quite promising in its price range.

In Three wheeler segment, BBMI offers electric options for different applications like Loading, Dumping, Food delivery etc. Their models Include:-

  • E- Food Kart
  • Dumpster
  • Loading

E-food kart is a huge addition to electrify the food delivery and mobile restaurant sector which is well suited for big cities and malls. Electric loading vehicle which is capable to compete with its fossil fuel counterparts has a loading capacity of 700kg. Also BBMI offers electric dumping vehicles which can be used to collect and dump wet and dry waste in urban and rural areas.

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BBMI Two wheelers ready to ship

"The EV Sector in India is growing exponentially since 2017 – 2018. The abnormal increase in the fossil fuel prices made people to rethink and their views in transportation. With lithium –ion battery has increased the movement of using the EV sector as it increased the vehicle life to 3-5 years"  BBMI CEO A.L.N.Abhinay Raju said. 

On his conversation with wheelsatev.com, he further added "Increased pollution levels of all major cities and towns in India due to emission of carbons by fuel vehicles, made people to move towards EV. The battery swappable technology and multiple charging stations with fast charging  can motivate the people to move towards  EV sector".

Highly efficient BBMI Engineering team has developed in-house GPS Tracking system for their vehicles. GPS Tracker can be installed in BBMI Electric vehicles for the individual who wants to track and monitor the concerned person’s location. This tracker will be connected and administered through your mobile phone itself through a tracking app. This gives an added advantage for vehicle security.

Research and technical developments by the team has helped the company to overcome the concern of lesser mileage and were able to deliver 100+ km on single charge. Overcoming all the odds and limitations, the company is able to stand firm in the quality they deliver.

Services Provided

BBMI is committed to customers more than just making a sale. After sales service is one thing company never compromise and has designed excellent service providing that reaches customers easily. Road side assistance, on-site repair for mechanical and electrical faults which provides all over Hyderabad and in major cities of Telangana, which will be later expanded outside the state. Also company promises towing assistance and customer care assistance over phone for minor faults. This is a great step forward by an Indian EV Company as in present situation, after sales support for electric vehicles is not so promising.

During the conversation with our team, Abhinay Raju opened up his mind on Atmanirbhar Bharat and his long term plans. He said "Atmanirbhar bharat can be possible in EV sector only when India start manufacturing every component in India itself. Though some exceptions are there, we can consider Battery packs, chargers, Controllers and mechanical  parts and software related to BMS and Bluetooth operated devices can be made in India  itself with the present technology". 

"As battery is the source that powers EV,  we still completely dependent on china and other countries for battery cells and  plastic moulds. Also Govt. of  India should support technology through technical seminars and knowledge transfer programs along with encouraging young talents to set up spare parts manufacturing and fibre parts manufacturing sector. Govt of India should provide subsidy and incentives at least for 3-5 years for manufacturing startups in EV sector and should encourage the new development in EV sector more"  he added.

BBMI Future Vision

During our conversation, BBMI CEO Abhinay Raju said, in next five years they will manufacture controller, motor and almost 67% of components in-house. And they shall spread wings with nearly 150 branches all over India and planning to invest 50 crores in DC charging infrastructure along with charging stations in 100 major Indian towns.

Within a decade, BBMI would be able to export all parts 100% manufactured in its own production unit to all over the world. They also eye all India presence and will focus more on setting up charging stations in coming years. 

Wheelsatev.com is looking forward to their growth and contribution to Indian EV Ecosystem.

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