All you need to know about India's first electric tractor " Tiger Electric"



Sonalikaan Indian multinational company headquartered in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, launched India's first electric tractor. On the occasion of Farmer's day, Sonalika took a major step to electrify Indian agro products by launching India's first electric tractor, Tiger Electric.

In this article, you can read the details of new Tiger Electric.

The Tiger Electric is powered by Etrac Motor which is energy efficient and offers 100% torque everytime. It offers high performance even in tough terrains with its 35 hp electric engine. Etrac motor is offering quick pick ups in any load conditions. Tiger electric offers 24.93 kmph as top speed.

The vehicle is loaded by 25.5 kWh IP 67 Compliant natural cooling battery and offers 75% less running cost compared to its conventional diesel counter parts. Battery can be charged in regular 15 amp charger from domestic connection and takes around 10 hours to charge 100%.  Also company is working on fast charging system that can charge the vehicle within 4 hours and it offers a battery backup of 8 hours with 2 tonne trolley.

Sonalika Tiger electric is fully Indian made tractor manufactured at Hoshiarpur plant in Punjab. Tiger electric is the first vehicle that going to introduce noiseless farming with this zero noise and powerfull machine. The electric tractor is expected to cut down the emissions by 80% and it will be a massive revolution in agro segment.

Tiger electric nullified one of the major drawbacks of electric vehicle ie; cost. In India, an average price of a tractor is around 3 to 10 lakhs. Tiger Electric is priced  at Rs 5.99 Lakh ex-showroom, which gives a serious competition in the entire segment. It also comes with 5000 hours or 5 years warranty. More details of the vehicle is currently N/A and subscribe to our website to stay updated.

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