NIO launches 100kWh battery pack along with a battery upgrade plan for existing users.



NIO, Chinese Automobile manufacturer based on Shanghai specializing in design and developing electric vehicles, launches 100 kWh battery pack on 6th November along with a battery upgrade plan. Their existing customers can upgrade the battery pack as per their wish, which is really an interesting choice.

In new 100 kWh battery pack, NIO has a Cell to Pack technology which gives 37% higher energy density.  NIO is one of the companies in the world which continuously does innovation and research in battery and EV Technology and with these new 100 kWh battery, NIO Models can reach a maximum range of 615 KM on single charge.

If we look in the technical aspect of this battery pack "NIO has underpinned the pack with technological improvements in four main aspects, which results in excellent performance. It has better thermal runaway management with its new thermal propagation prevention design. Highly integrated design makes the manufacturing smoother and easier by 40% and improves pack space utilization by 19.8% as per NIO.  All-climate thermal management boosts the performance and extends the life cycle of the battery pack. Also NIO has equipped the end-cloud bi-directional communication BMS that supports smart parameter adjustments based on the work conditions of the pack to improve the battery performance under all conditions".

NIO is already offering 70 kWh battery pack vehicles which give range around 410 KM on single charge. This existing customers can upgrade into 100 kWh pack if they wish along with new customers. Also customers do not need to buy this battery pack but can subscribe to it by paying a battery fee monthly or yearly as every customers have different travel requirements.

Not only battery packs, NIO has been deploying swapping stations across China. They claims they have installed around 158 swapping stations across the country and they have served users with 1.18 million battery swaps. NIO has launches ES8 SUV which has got range more than 500 KM on single charge and is looking to compete with Tesla.

NIO have come up with some excellent and innovative technologies in battery and battery swapping which is a huge boost for global EV sector.

This article is based on the publish by NIO and other top magazines.

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  1. This is happening at last! Years ago, battery swapping was mooted as an alternative to charging in situ, getting a full charge in a few minutes instead of having to wait for an hour or so. It never caught on in Europe but maybe it will now?
    It underlines the need for the whole business of charging/battery swapping or augmentation, to be done in dedicated areas on popular routes i.e. motorways/trunks roads, not tucked away in an industrial estate or middle of nowhere (where ENEL seems to put them!). And these 'areas' need to be where drivers 'used to' fill their fossil fuel tanks - petrol stations! It will give owners of service stations a chance to transit between the old and new technology painlessly and stay cost effective.


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