Big companies to boost their EV Sales. Read Global e-car sale and stock overview.



As per the reports of Top Auto magazines world wide and market scenario , Big companies are completely ready to enter into Electric vehicles manufacturing and sales. They are going to boost the sales of their EV Models drastically in coming years.

Reports says big companies like Aston Martin, Mitsubishi are the latest companies added to this list. According to Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers, in coming years they will finally turn towards electrification. They intends to build their future on the most recent strategic technology agreement with Mercedes-Benz. And by 2024, Aston Martin's electric car sales accounts for one fifth of the total volume of sales. ie; 20 Percent of Aston Martin cars by 2024 will be Electric. 

Plug in Hybrid version of new DBX is model of Aston Martin is expected to arrive in 2023. There will be also some other electric and hybrid model coming and first all electric model by Aston Martin is expected to be launched on 2025-26.

Mitsubishi also planning to increase electrified model sales. They announced new environmental plans for next 30 years and precise targets for upcoming 10 years. Mitsubishi is targeting to reduce new car emission by 40% and proportion of electric car sales will increase by 50%.

Mitsubishi recently launched Eclipse cross which is a PHEV and reports says their major focus will be on making plug in hybrid models. 

Apart from the above two mentioned companies, most of the car manufactures started to focus on electric version. As advancement in technologies and policy announcement by authorities really stimulated the growth of electric vehicles and companies started to take it as a serious and futuristic vehicle. Also in Europe and America, sale of electric version is outpacing fuel versions.

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International Energy agency (iea), in its Global EV Outlook 2020 technology report says Global electric car sales reached 2.1 million globally in 2019. Electric cars accounted for a total of 2.6% of global car sales and only 1% of global car stock registered a 40% year on year increase.

Global EV Outlook says there were only 17,000 electric cars on the world's road in 2010. But in 2019, the number has reached 7.2 million and still counting day by day. In this around 47% were in China. Nine countries have more than 1 lakh electric cars on their fleet and atleast 20 countries reached a market shares above 1%. 

This clearly shows electric car sales are increasing every year. As technology progress, markets for electric two, three wheeler, buses and trucks expanded and growing significantly.

Source:- Global EV Outlook Technical report

As per the reports, it says electric vehicle charging is also expanding worldwide, In 2019, around 7.3 million chargers were installed worldwide and most of them were private and domestic stations.

Here you can read Technical report of iea - Global EV Outlook 2020, which is the source of this electric car sales and stock report.

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