Taycan became Europe's Best selling Porsche. Electric revolution started???



Porsche Taycan is one of the most exciting electric supercar available in the current market. In this corona pandemic situation car industries continuously suffering to perform in the market, Porsche is one the few companies that seem doing fine as per the reports.

Most interesting and hopeful factor is that according to Car Industry analysis  for European union by Jato Dynamics registration data Porsche Taycan became the best selling Porsche of Europe in August . Experts believes that its a good sign that more people in Europe is adopting electric motoring.

As per the reports number of new registration amounted to 1183, which is 23.7% of the total result. Details of new registration of Porsche models (Data based on top magazines) are shown below:-

  • Taycan: 1,183 (new)
  • 911: 1,097 (down 37%)
  • Cayenne: 711 (0%)
  • Macan: 646 (down 62%)
  • Cayenne Coupe: 554 (up 29%)
  • 718: 517 (down 5%)
  • Panamera: 278 (down 71%)

Porsche Panamera, 911 and Cayenne were the best performing model earlier and Taycan has just overtook them with sale of 1183 units as per latest report. Growth in sales of electric cars is a good sign for a sustainable and greener future.

Not only Porsche Taycan, generally sale of Electric and Hybrid vehicles is increasing in Europe and hit a record of 18%  in July 2020. As overall new vehicle sales in Europe bounced back from Covid 19 fall of just 4%, Electric vehicle is performing well and IC Engine vehicles continued the year on year decline that began in 2017.

Electric and Hybrid vehicles saw a continued growth  in both numbers and market percentage, reaching at an all-time high of 18% of the total European passenger car market. In 2019, electric cars only contributes a total of 8% in total new car registration. So 2020 has seen a huge rise in electric car registrations.

Source:- The Driven Magazine

From the above status we can see EV percentage is gradually increasing in European roads and the trend is similar in America and other countries. It seems like Europe is adopting electric motoring more faster.

In India also sale of electric vehicles is rising. As per the Industry body society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, EV sales excluding e-rickshaws, grew 20% and around 1.56 lakh EVs were sold in 2019-20. Electric two wheelers accounted for the 97.5% of all EVs sold and more acceptance of electric cars should be there to keep this trend moving faster. 

According to Bloomberg, EV Sales break-up in India 2019-20:-
  • Electric Two Wheelers - 1.52 Lakh
  • Electric Cars - 3400
  • Electric Buses - 600
By considering the sale of E-rickshaws, which is mainly in unorganised sector, this figures will be more. Despite Covid 19 impact, EV industry is taking shape in India and can bounce back faster than IC Vehicles.

By these trends and reports we can say that Electric vehicle revolution is about to begin even though it has a lot of hurdles. Electric vehicles are inevitable for a sustainable and better future as Fossil fuel vehicles are contributing a major part in Global warming and pollution. Battery technology needs to evolve for producing cheaper and safer batteries, thus adoption of EVs can be accelerated.

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