Tesla to recall 30,000 cars, tells the problem could be because of driver abuse.


Tesla to recall 30,000 cars, tells the problem could be because of driver abuse.


Tesla is the first name that comes to our mind when we hear about electric cars.  According to latest reports by top magazines, Tesla is recalling 30,000 cars from China, which is considered as world's largest EV market. This is a setback for the US Company as competition in electric vehicle market is intensifying.

This article is based on the reports by top magazines worldwide.

According to State administration for Market regulation, China, Tesla has identified suspension defects in Model S and Model X, which produced between September 17, 2013 and January 15, 2018.  As per reports, the recall will be applicable to all imported vehicles the company sold in China in recent years. There are two different suspension defects, and some vehicles have both of them, the authorities said. And recall will not affect the products made in Tesla's Shanghai facility, which currently rolls out only Model 3.

Reports saying that owners of Tesla model S and Model X have complained about the flaws in suspension system at least since 2015. As a result Chinese government took action by ordering the company to recall the vehicles. But Tesla has come out and said that there are no suspension defects and the country is forcing an unnecessary recall.

Electrek reported that Tesla authorities have clarified that their EVs does not have any problem with the suspension system. Quoting from a letter sent by Tesla officials US National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations, the report says  Tesla disagrees with the opinion of State administration for Market regulation, China.

But the letter further states that Tesla is not going to challenge the recall decision in China. Tesla says the possible fault in the suspension could be because of " Driver abuse". "If the customer inputs an abuse load ( a curb impact, pothole strike, etc.) then the parts may be damaged, leading to immediate or delayed failure from the compounding effects of the initial abuse and subsequent load input" they said.

The letter further reads that the possibility of such defects manifesting, however, 0.05% outside of China and 1% inside China.

Many experts believes that this incident is expected to hit Tesla's image. Tesla is the key player in the global EV Market and has a firm grip and huge number of Tesla fans in China.

Here you can read the article by electrek, which is the source of this report.

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