Elon musk says "Tesla will enter India next year"


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said they will enter India by next year. In Twitter Musk said the company would be entering the Indian market "next year for sure" as a reply to a t-shirt with messages "India wants Tesla" and "India loves Tesla".

Elon musk also thanked a twitter account stated that they were waiting for this piece of news for ages. And this is not the first time musk hinted about entering to Indian market. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi met Elon musk back in 2015 when Modi visited Tesla Headquarters. 

And likewise in 2017, Musk said he was hopeful of an Indian entry in the summer of that year. But later he tweeted " May be I am misinformed, but I was told that 30% of parts must be locally sourced and the supply doesn't yet exist in India to support that". Like this Tesla was always rumoured about Indian entry and finally Tesla and electric car lovers in India would be happy as its about to happen in near future.

As per several reports, Tesla has already initiated their plan for India as they held a discussion with Karnataka govt. to set up their Research centre at Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the biggest city and becoming hub of electric vehicle manufacturers in India. Bangalore already hosts many big company's  research centres like Mercedes Benz, Bosch, Mahindra etc. 

A follow-up meeting is expected to be held later in this month, during which the Karnataka state officials are expected to present a detailed proposal to Tesla executives. If this talks finds the result, India will be the second country outside US where Tesla will have a research centre. This will be huge boost for extremely talented young Indian engineers who are looking forward to work under Tesla.

India is a fast growing EV Market and is expected to touch a mark of Rs 50,000 crore by 2025, according to financial service firms reports. In this around Rs 15 crore will be of motor and controller. India expects over 3 million EVs to be sold in the country mostly two and three wheelers.

For a sustainable and cleaner transport, electric vehicles are the answer and it should be embraced and accelerated. 

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