Top 10 Electric cars in India 2020


Electric vehicles are gaining its popularity worldwide and in India also. Many companies are launching their electric models to acquire their space in the Indian EV industry.

If you are planning to buy an EV, Here you can find the list of Top 10 electric car models launched or to be launched in India.

Mercedes Benz launched their first ever all electric vehicle, EQC, in India. Mercedes Benz India launched the all electric SUV on 8th October 2020, which is a full electric version of GLC Class. 
The vehicle is powered by Two Asynchronous Three Phase AC Motors each placed at front and rear axle. It together produces a maximum power of 402 bhp and 765 nm torque. 

It has All Wheel drive drive train. Mercedes EQC achieves a top speed of 180 kmph and can accelerate from 0 - 100 kmph in just 5.1 seconds.  This vehicle is powered by 80 kWh Li ion battery which can give 471 Km range on single charge and battery weighs around 625 Kg. 

Tata Nexon EV launched in India on 2019 December. It is considered as the safest Electric compact SUV in India powered by zipron technology. It has a range of 312 km on single charge and CCS 2 type fast charging, which can charge from 0 to 80% in one hour. Also has regular sow charging using 15 Amp plug point.

Electric powertrain has PMSM(permanent magnet synchronous motor) with 245 Nm torque, 95 kW horsepower and powered by 30.2 kWh lithium ion battery with liquid cooling system. Nexon ev has single speed transmission system with Drive and Sport mode and has smart drive features.

MG ZS EV launched in India on 2019 December and considered as the second long-range electric SUV with a range of 340 km on single charge. It has both slow and fast charging system, where slow charging takes 10-12 hour in residential power outlet and fast charging takes around 6-8 hours. It uses PMSM with Maximum torque of 353 Nm at 5000 rpm and 105 kW horsepower.

Battery capacity is 44.5 kWh , Single speed transmission system with 3 modes. Eco, Sport and Normal.

Hyndai Kona launched in India on July 2019 and is the longest range electric car in India with a range of 452 km on single charge. It has fast DC charging, which can charge 80% of battery less than 1 hour and slow AC charging which takes around 6 hour. Kona uses PMSM with 390 Nm max torque.

Battery capacity is 39.2 kWh, single speed transmission system with 4 modes of driving. Smart eco, sport, Eco+driving, Comfort.

Tata Tigor EV launched in India on November 2018 and one of the popular electric cars in India as it is used widely by Govt. in various departments. Tigor has a range of 213 km on single charge and had moderately fast charging system with 10 hour of complete charging. Tigor uses PMSM with a maximum torque of 105 Nm at 2500 rpm.

Battery capacity is around 21.5 kW, uses lithium ion battery and has a single speed automatic transmission system.

Mahindra E Verito launched the electric version of verito on june 2016, and is one of the oldest electric car launched in India, before Electric cars became familiar among peoples. E verito has a range of 181 km on single charge and has a fast charging option of charging battery from 0 to 80% in one and half hour. It also has a slow charge as an option. Verito uses 3 phase induction motor with a maximum torque of 91 Nm at 3000 rpm.

Battery capacity is around 21.2 kWh, lithium ion battery and has a single speed transmission system with a normal and boost mode.

Mahindra e20 plus is the updated version of mahindra e20 which is the first fully electric car in India. Earlier it was know as Mahindra Reva. New E2o has range of about 140 km in single charge and has fast charging option which can charge in one and half hour. In lower versions, slow charging is given. 3 phase AC Induction motor is used with a torque of 70 Nm at 1050 rpm.

Battery capacity is around 15 kWh, lithium ion type and Single speed Direct drive transmission system.

Tata Altroz ev is an electric version of successful hatchback Tata altroz. It is yet to be launched in India and one of the most anticipated EV car model. We expect it to be launched by late 2020. Specification and details are not available at the moment.

Mahindra e-kuv 100 launched at Auto expo 2020 and is expected to be on market by 2021. It is expected that e-kuv comes with fast charging, PMSM with max torque of 120 Nm. It will have single speed automatic transmission. More details are yet to be released by the company.

Renault k-ze is expected to be the electric version of Renalt kwid and likely to be launched in India on 2022. Company has already launched this model on china. It will have a motor of 125 Nm max torque and single speed automatic transmission system. Further details are not revealed by the company.

Also, Suzuki Wagon R electric is an upcoming electric version of wagon R, one of the most successful car model in India. But Maruti Suzuki said recently that they will not be launching it in 2020 due to ev infrastructure issues in India. All Ev enthusiasts and car lovers are expecting it to be launching in 2021.

The above listed are the Top Fully electric cars launched or to be launched in India in near future. This list is completely based on my research and best of my knowledge. It may vary in some other aspects.

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