Toyota's game changing solid state battery for EVs 2021



Solid state batteries are considered as the future source of power that drives the electric mobility around the world. Advanced technology is the cure for the problems faced by conventional Li ion battery powered EVs and Solid state batteries are considered as one of the best cure.

According to Nikkei Asia, Toyota is currently a world leader in solid state battery technology and also another Japanese company, Nissan, whose first EV powered by a solid state battery could arrive in 2028. Toyota plans to unveil a vehicle fully powered by solid sate battery next year and it has more than twice range of the vehicles running in conventional Li ion batteries.

Solid state batteries are a viable alternatives to li ion and it reduces the risk of fire as they no longer use aqueous electrolyte solutions , and also gives high energy density. Solid state batteries can be powered within 10 minutes and increase the range by multiple times. As name suggests, solid state battery uses solid electrodes and solid electrolytes instead of liquid or polymer gel electrodes used in conventional batteries.

In world technology, Toyota stands on top in solid state battery developing. Nissan is also on its path to develop solid state battery which powers a vehicle by 2028. Shift towards solid state battery from Li ion will effect the entire EV Battery formula and supplies of the world.

Major challenges for developing solid state battery technology is their low performance in cold temperatures and doubt in their long term durability. Toyota and other companies working on solid state battery technology needs to overcome these for long term acceptability of solid state batteries.

As per reports, Research of Toyota in solid state technology are backed by Japan government and their goal is to develop mass production infrastructure within the country. Solid state battery still needs lithium and the govt. will help to procure the limited reserve element. 

Like earlier said Toyota will unveil the prototype of vehicle powered by solid state battery on 2021 and actual production is expected to debut in market within a decade.

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