Wireless electricity is becoming a reality. Nikola Tesla's dream finally coming true??



Wireless transfer of Electricity is one of the biggest invention by renowned scientist NIKOLA TESLA.  He accomplished his goal by creating a wireless electricity transfer device Tesla coil and showed the world that wireless power transmission is possible. Tesla coil was the first system that could transfer electricity without stringing wires. 

Nikola Tesla dreamed to place enormous towers all over the world that could transmit the power wirelessly to any point in the world. Unfortunately this technology was not so practical at that time and investors pulled out from the project and he couldn't complete his high voltage wireless energy transmission system.

Almost a century after Nikola Tesla's experiment, An Energy startup named EMROD is bringing wireless electricity commercialy.

EMROD is an energy statrtup company based on New Zealand, looking to transmit the energy without constrained by the wires. Emrod says they wanted to transform the way people think about powering communities, businesses and machines so they can grow and thrive while supporting the uptake of sustainable energy sources. They aim a world where energy transfer is not constrained by wires.

Emrod founded in 2019 by Greg Kushnir, and he assembles a world class team of scientists, engineers and visionaries to transform his dream into practical product. In Tele-energy technology by Emrod, they have developed a unique technology that makes long distance energy transmission safe and reliable for commercial purposes.

According to New Atlas, Emrod currently has a working prototype but will build another one for Powerco, and deliver by october and then do lab testing before moving to field trial. Currently developed prototype can transfer power for a small distance but can be scaled up. Energy is transmitted through electromagnetic waves over long distances using Emrod's proprietary beam shaping, metamaterials and rectenna technology.

Founder Greg Kushnir said " we can use the same technology of the developed prototype to transmit 100 times more power over much longer distances. Wireless systems using Emrod technology can transmit any amount of power current wired solutions transmit" , as per New Atlas. 

This system uses a transmitting antenna, series of relays and a receiving rectenna to work.  Rectenna, which is a rectifying antenna capable of converting microwave energy to electricity, turns magnetic waves into electricity. A square element mounted on the pole acts as pass through point that keeps electricity beaming along and surface area catches the entire wave.

Different from Nikola Tesla's globally transmitting and free power, Emrod transmit power directly between specfic points. While transmitting, there won't have any radiation around the beam and uses Low power laser safety curtain which immediately shuts down power transmission before any object like bird, drone, Helicopter touch the main beam.

Emrod says this technology works in any kind of atmospheric situations including rain, fog, dust etc, and transmission distance is only limited by line of sight between each relay. They says Wireless transmission is a key that enables technology for renewable energy which often generates far from where it is to be consumed.

Nikola Tesla proved in his time itself that wireless electricity transmission is possible but left unentertained by the engineering world. After a century Emrod is going to take it forward and will be a huge advancement in electrical technology if they are able to execute in large scale. Now engineering world is looking forward to Emrod and their updates regarding the technology.

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