UK to ban new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 and EV interest in UK Surges.



As per latest reports, UK will ban petrol and diesel cars from 2030 as a part of their Green Industry revolution plan. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain will ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2030, which is a decade earlier than their previous commitment.

Though gasoline and diesel vehicles end their sales in 2030, Hybrid vehicles can be sold till 2035. Previous goal of UK is to electrify the cars on their fleet by 2040, but now the target period have been reduced by ten years.

UK Govt. is so optimistic about the new target but automakers have expressed their concerns on the target and stated it as really ambitious. Green plans of UK Govt. includes investment in hydrogen energy, carbon capture technology and ambition to produce enough wind energy to power every home in UK by 2030. Also new generation nuclear power plants included in the plan.

Boris Johnson said in a statement that " Although this year has taken a very different path to the one we expected, I haven't lost sight of our ambitious plans to level up across the country".  He said that UK is looking forward to prosperous and greener future and Green Industrial revolution will play a pivotal role in this. Public transport, cycling and walking will be made as an attracting way to travel and invest in zero emission public transport system.

After 24 hours from the announcement came, reports suggests that EV Interest in UK Surges by five times. One of the UK's leading car sales site said that searches for electric vehicles have seen a massive rise. As per The Driven magazine reports, editor Christofer Lloyd said " it seems that the government's announcement has really sparked renewed interest in electric vehicle, surging on our site by a magnitude of 500% in an overnight". 

From the recent market sales report of vehicles, Electric vehicle sales is increasing whereas Gasoline and diesel vehicle sales plummeted. This gives manufactures high confidence to bring in more EVs to the market. 

Though the plan by UK Govt. seems to be difficult to achieve but this kind of strict and efficient measures needed for a sustainable and greener future.

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