Mercedes eScooter launched - Overview.


Mercedes eScooter launched - Overview.


Mercedes benz is a brand not many can afford but now you can roll up with your own Benz at affordable price. Yes, Mercedes Benz have unveiled their latest vehicle on 5th October 2020 which happens to be a folding Electric scooter named as eScooter.

Company calls this electric scooter as Smart eScooter because it has all modern and unique features. This smart eScooter makes a first impression with it's independent, unconventional design based on a sophisticated ergonomic concept. Smartphones can be integrated with this scooter and has smart drive kit app.

Mercedes Benz manufactured this eScooter in collaboration with Swiss micro mobility company Micro mobility systems AG. Micro mobility systems are active in micro mobility segment and they have also developed electric scooter with BMW last year. But the version with Mercedes is on the stronger side.

Electric scooters are very popular in urban fleets and Mercedes is looking to meet the needs of wide range of peoples. The most exciting factor we can say is Mercedes is able to bring the smart features of a car into a a small foldable electric scooter.

Source:- Mercedes Benz video


  • Dimension - 980*145*1096 (L*W*H in mm)
  • Motor capacity - 500 W hub motor placed on front wheel. (Peak power)
  • Battery capacity - 280 Wh
  • Approx. weight - 13.5 kg
  • Range - 25 km
  • Charging time - 3 - 3.5 hour in domestic charging socket (70% in 2 hour).
  • Top speed - 20 kmph.
It has intuitive folding mechanism, which can be operated by just a press of foot and because of low weight it's easy to manhandle as well as handle bars can be fold down for easy transportation. Company claims it enable life up to 5000 km , ie pretty good for a vehicle of this category.
Mercedes not yet disclosed the price and release date but electric scooter lovers are eagerly waiting to get one. Considering the air quality and traffic in cities around the world, Emission free micro mobility is becoming a valuable component to live.

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