Top EV Charger manufacturers in India 2020


As electric vehicles are going to be in huge numbers on Indian roads in near future, need of charging infrastructure is very high. Still India lacks required number charging stations to boost ev industry. So in order to tackle this situation  Govt. of India has made charging station set up de-licensed and any one can set up charging stations in India if they follow proper govt. guidelines.

Click this link to read the guidelines of Indian govt. to set up a charging station.

So many Organisations and entrepreneurs are setting up charging stations in India. Click here to know the type of charging stations for EVs.

In this article you can read about some of the front runners of EV charger manufactures in India.


ABB is a global company leading in Electrification, Automation, Robotics of industries. They are well known in Power grid business and operates in more than 100 countries. They are the trusted electric charging station manufacturer in India. Company mostly sells the electric chargers in the form of Cyberex digital single-phase and three-phase charger, highway and en-route fast chargers among others. ABB has also rooftop pantograph fast charging which can charge within 10 minutes.

Click here to read about roof top pantograph fast charging.


Tata Power limited is an Indian electric utility comapany based on Mumbai. It is the part of TATA Group and core business of the company is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. Tata power is now offering EV Charging solution for commercial spaces, offices and public charging infrastructure.

Tata power partnered with Tata motors to set up 300 fast charging stations in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad.


Delta India is the part of Delta group Headquartered in Taiwan. They started to operate in India from 2003 and becomes a leading Power and Energy management company. They offers various types of electric charging solutions including AC charger and DC fast chargers. 

They also have network service providing for Online booking of charging slots. They make high performing and energy efficient chargers with all safety standard maintained.


Mass tech controls are one of the leaders in India on DC Systems and AC Systems. Their chargers are compatible to most of the electric vehicles running in India. They have completed charging station projects in Mumbai for DC Fast charging.


Exicom established in India in 1994, collaboration with Exicom Austailia and provides power and mobility solution in Indian market. Company manufactures chargers for Indian EV market which includes DC Quick charger, Multi standard DC Charger, Bharat AC charger etc. Their charging stations are compatible to two wheelers, three wheelers, e-cars etc and can be installed in public and residential areas.


EVQ Point is a Bangalore based charging station solution providers. They have portable, residential and commercial chargers suitable for Electric scooters, e-rickshaws, e-cars and also EV Smart charging platform. Apart from chargers, EVQ Point also has battery swapping stations.

Their main products are 3.3 kW AC Charging pile, 300-2500 W AC to DC chargers and Battery swapping station.


BrightBlu is founded from the merger of DrivAMP which is a smart charging tech company and Asia Electric, an EV charging solutions provider in August 2019. They provides charger ranging from 3.7 kW to 7 kW which is fast charging. Company also provides charging management software solutions for India.


Magenta Power is in the business of empowering clean energy solutions and ideas through its group companies and intermediaries. They operate with products like charge grid, EV charging solution for residential and commercial places. Also provide mobile application and software support in charging solutions.


RRT Electro powwer pvt. ltd is a Chennai based company formed in 1992 by Enthusiastic technocrafts. They are providing products like DC Fast chargers, DC-DC Converters, Electric soft chargers for DC motor. Their DC Fast chargers ranges from 10 kW, 15 kW, 20 kW and also Type 2 chargers.


Chargegrid is a Mumbai based charging solution provider company. Mainly provides AC charger for residential and commercial use. They are fully automated working.

Apart from the above list so many EV charging station solution providers are there nowadays and hopefully they can electrify India. Above list is purely based on my research and knowledge. Please note is not responsible for any interaction between the company and any individual/organisation. This article is just to make awareness and enable more charging stations in India.

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