Most exciting 10 electric cars in the world by Forbes 2020


Electric cars are getting ready to compete with gasoline cars as technologies are developing and more companies focusing on manufacturing E-cars. EVs are usually faster and technically more advanced than gasoline cars.

In this article you can find the list of 10 exciting cars in 2020 according to Forbes.

No one could miss out Tesla when it comes to electric vehicles as everything they makes becomes a trademark. Tesla roadster 2020 is an all electric battery powered four seater sports car. Tesla is claiming that it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds which is faster than any legal production car till the date of its announcement.

Its consist of three electric motors, one in front and two in rear and range expected is 620 miles on single charge.

Lotus Evija is an exciting 2000 hp all electric Hyper car model from iconic British sports car manufacturer Lotus. It is a limited production car unveiled in July 2019. The first ever electric model by the company and code named as Type 130, production of Evija will be limited to 130.

Lotus Evija has four motor placed on each wheels and top speed recorded is 200 mph. Expected range is around 250 miles on single charge.

Electric cars has good acceleration compared to IC Engines as motor delivers instant torque but they cant compete on top speed with IC Engines. EV West and Hickey speed have been designing an electric vehicle called ELECTRALINER that the company hopes to break all speed record till now. They have been using an integrated re-geared tesla drive unit to achieve maximum speed recorded till date.

They are aiming to achieve a speed of 337 mph.

Palatov motorsport is the designer and manufacturer of high performance lightweight automobiles. The company is coming with monstrous electric version of their D2 bespoke racing car and it is Palatov D2 EV. It is a two seater electric sports car with company claiming a top speed of 265 mph. It can go from 0 - 60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

Palatov D2EV is powered by 1300 hp electric motor.

Rimac C2 is a two seater all electric hyper car designed and manufactured by the Croatian automotive manufacturer Rimac Automobili. It is semi autonomous car and company is panning to produce only 150 cars. Currently this model is on Homologation stage to launch in global market.

It has 4 motor placed on each of the wheels and expected range is around 400 miles on single charge. Rimac is claiming that car can reach 0 - 60 mph in 1.85 seconds and has a top speed of 258 mph.

Volkswagen ID.3 is a compact electric car by Volkswagen. It is based on the Volkswagen group MEB platform and first model of the I.D Series. It was unveiled on 9 September 2019 Frankfurt motor show.It has a futuristic design with high build quality and offers a range of 342 miles on single charge.

Volkswagen ID.3 will be a tough competition for Tesla and other EV manufactures by the German car makers and is the hotly anticipated EV of the Europe in 2020.

Polestar is an all electric 5 door car by automaker Polestar. Polestar is a collaboration between Swedish Volvo and Chinese Geely.  It is built in CMA Platform and is all wheel drive with two motors. Company is claiming a speed of 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds

Polestar 2 is a good competitor for Tesla model 3 in EV Segment. It has a range of 292 miles on single charge.

Fisker ocean lets you to experience a new category of EV Luxury and is produced by Finland based Fisker automotive. The Fisker Ocean will be the world's most sustainable vehicle: materials made from recycled, abandoned fishing nets & plastics from the ocean are used in the environmentally-conscious interior.

Fisker ocean is a high performance model electric vehicle with 300 HP and optional four wheel drive. It has around 250- 300 miles on single charge  and expected to arrive on 2021.

Apart from the costly and hyper electric cars in the lists above, Kandi K27 included because it is the cheapest electric car available outside china with grants included. Still India has cheaper electric car tha Kandi K27, its specifications are high compared to cars in India.

It is a four door car with top speed of 63 mph. And expected range is around 100 miles on single charge. K27 is a sign which shows price of electric cars will be reducing in future mainly due to upcoming low battery prices.

This electric vehicle is developed by South California based Karma Automotive on the expansion of their Revero series. Revero GTE is pure electric version of its earlier Hybrid version. It can reach 0-62 mph in less than 3.9 seconds.

Expected range is 400 miles on single charge and design of the vehicle is eye pleasing.

Apart from the above 10 models, Forbes given special mention about Porsche Tycan and Nio Ep9 as they are also so exciting and highly anticipated EVs of future.

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