Top 10 reasons why EVs are better vehicles


Automotive giants and experts are revealing that electric vehicles are the future vehicles. But gasoline vehicles are still performing good on all aspects. Then how we can say that electric vehicles are better than IC Engine vehicles.

Here we enlist top 10 reasons why EVs are better than Gasoline powered vehicles.

1# Initial torque

 Electric vehicle can produce more torque on stand still. Electric motor can help drivers to reach maximum torque on zero rpm. Because electric motor uses electric current, which moves through a magnetic field and creates a force necessary to rotate the armature and get the car moving. So electric vehicles have high torque at the start and gives ferocious acceleration experience to the driver.

2# Better Handling and Stability

In EVs, Battery being the heaviest electric component is placed very low, on the body floor. This results in a very low Center of Mass and gives more stability, handling for the vehicle. In EVs to achieve low center of mass is quiet easy compared to IC Engine.
Find out how low center of mass gives more stability.

3# Maximum traction

We can drive electric motors independently by using the latest technologies developed in the light of EV technology. Because of this, we can have precise control on each wheels for maximum traction.

4# More efficient than gasoline cars

Electric vehicle is more efficient than gasoline vehicles in converting stored energy into energy of motion. Efficiency of electric motor is around 85-90%, whereas of IC Engine is 35-40%. So electric vehicle converts more electricity to motion in wheels than IC Engine. EVs also have regenerative braking technology to improve its overall efficiency.

5# Less Cost of operation 

Cost of operation of electric vehicle is less compared to gasoline vehicle. Because cost of electricity is less compared to fossil fuels.Also high efficiency of electric motor also plays a role in this.
If we calculate running cost per km of an EV, it will be less than 1 rs, whereas for a gasoline vehicle it will be higher.

6# Less maintenance

Fewer moving parts are there in EVs. Main components are Motor, Controller, battery, Differential(rear axle) etc. So the maintenance required is very less. No need of oil change. Brakes wear out less often because of regenerative braking technology.

7# EVs are quiet and Eco friendly

Electric vehicles are very quiet. They do not make any sound while operating. So EVs will be more suitable for metro and big cities where noise pollution is at an alarming level. Also due to zero emission, it is considered Eco friendly. One of the major challenges faced by human kind is the drastic climatic change. EVs contribute a lot to the reversal of climatic changes.

8# Charge from your house

Most of the EVs can be charged from the household itself. You don't have to go to gas stations or any particular charging are once you run out of charge. It makes it more convenient nowadyas.

9# EVs are more Autonomous

In modern world, self driving cars are becoming more popular. In this category, EVs are leading the way. Because it is easier to implement autonomous technology in EVs as moving parts are few. Wireless charging integrates seamlessly with autonomy. Range of EVs also increases with autonomous technology.

10# Source of electricity

Electricity is the source of energy that drives EV. It can be produced using solar energy which is abundant in nature. Technical advancement in solar panel and its efficiency makes it more easier. There will no CO2 emission in this process.

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